Late Bloomer…

24 02 2010

I only learned to knit about 6 or 7 years ago. For the longest time, I only knit scarves. I would knit while watching tv, mostly, keeping my hands occupied while half¬†watching/listening to whatever was on screen. To this day, I cannot just sit and watch tv. I must have something else in my hands…and yarn is so much better than snacks. ūüėČ

In the past couple of years I have expanded my knowledge and skill set through trial and error, help from countless web sites and occasionally by attending workshops.

I always seemed to be the one gal in the class who had never knit a sweater. Not surprisingly, I only recently tackled one and it sits in a basket, unfinished; body and half a sleeve done.
It has been over a year since I stepped into a class. I have made plenty of hats, shrugs, mittens, lace shawls and 3/4 of a sweater. My attention span tends to be on the short side so small projects give me the (fairly) instant gratification I crave.

Last Sunday I checked out a class at my LYS and it was great. I was fairly comfortable (for once) with most of the techniques but also learned a new one.

It was a great reminder of how much I have learned and improved over the years.

How I spent my Sunday evening, besides screaming at the tv:


my bloody valentine

22 02 2010

¬†I am not a huge fan of ¬†Valentine’s Day.¬† I don’t expect flowers or chocolates or even dinner out.¬† I’m not like most girls.¬† I would much rather pick out my own gift, (this year Michael Kors was good to me) and leave the day at that.

¬†Surprises are much nicer on our wedding anniversary…I think my guy is finding it difficult to top our first anniversary gift though.¬† The first seven months of our relationship was spent in different parts of the province and we wrote hundreds of emails and spoke each night on the phone for hours.¬† I had kept a very rough collection of our correspondence which my darling, secretly,¬†had professionally bound for our ‘paper’ anniversary.¬† It was a good one.

A couple of weeks ago I found a pattern for a knitted anatomical heart and I knew I had to make this for¬†Valentine’s.¬† I have¬†a¬†secret (well, not so much anymore) dark side and this¬†is totally up my alley.¬†

I think it turned out pretty well.¬† Was it well received?¬† Ummm….I think¬†he liked it.¬† I think it’s¬†a perfect representation of my love. ¬†ūüėČ

Find your inner Jackson Pollack!

6 02 2010

Got a bit of a shock at the mall a few weeks ago. New collections are springing up, always a welcome and optimistic change from the wool and plaid we have been piling on since the fall.

What a surprise when I saw these khakis at one of my fave stores…what the…?
I think I gasped audibly…I spent most of last summer wearing an old pair of paints that, by the end, was patina-d (sic?) artfully with layers of “real” paint splatter…and here you could by a pair of wrinkled and splattered pants for the ridiculous price of $69.50!!!

I can’t wait to see if this ‘trend’ catches on…

“It was twenty years ago today…”

24 01 2010

Well, not quite, but 20 years ago, I spent a glorious summer north of Wawa, with 23 other girls, working in a provincial park.¬† As it happens, social networking has helped a number of us reconnect, after losing touch for the better part of 2 decades.¬† A reunion is in the works; my first reunion of sorts…aside from a couple of onesies and twosies with old elementary and high school friends.

I’m excited and anxious all at the same time.¬†We are hoping to meet up late this summer and my planning starts now.¬† Naturally, I want to look my best.¬† More importantly, I’d like to feel comfortable with myself, there’s nothing better than feeling great in clothes — I instantly feel more confident. ¬†I guess I am just wanting to be myself – just a little bit better.

The summer we all met was spent in green work pants, steel-toed boots and hard hats.¬† To top it off, most days we smelled¬†of sun, sweat, and bug repellant!¬† I’m a pretty casual girl; in my own skin in jeans and birkenstocks and boho tops.

Some ideas:

Cute, sailor-ish, perfect with jeans…

Yellow is my new green…perfectly cheerful!

Still a hippie at heart…

20 01 2010

One weekend, during first year university, when almost everyone had gone home, I was initiated into the world of westerns by a couple of my residence dons.  We rented almost every Clint Eastwood movie and watched them back-to-back for hours.  My love affair with The Man with No Name began.

I wanted to be Sydney Penny so badly in Pale Rider and I understood her crush on “Preacher” at its most basic level.

The Outlaw Josey Wales is still in my top ten picks of¬†ALL ¬†TIME. It’s ok that I was barely out of diapers when the film came out. ¬† As an aside, Fargo is there too, for completely different reasons (to be the topic of a future post).

You may be thinking…”okay, she likes David Suzuki, and now, Clint Eastwood, both¬†old enough to be her grandfather…what’s up with that?”¬† I cannot help it.

I recently watched Gran Torino and had to watch it in two parts. Stupidly, I read a review and once I realized Walt’s fate, I couldn’t watch it in one sitting.¬† I did watch the ending the following day and bawled my eyes out.¬† Y’all might think I’m crazy but I was genuinely saddened at the thought that this might be Clint’s last role, on-screen. If you haven’t seen it, WATCH it.¬†

Lucky, lucky Sondra Locke….

Those sideburns and jawline….damn.

Shades of Grey

5 01 2010

Shades of grey.  Always about shades of grey.

This started out as¬†a different type of post.¬† One I didn’t want to get in the habit of writing.¬† By nature, I am not an optimistic person.¬† Can’t help it. Really.¬† Now, I may not be optimistic but I wouldn’t say I am a negative person.¬† And I can prove it…because even amongst the grey, I still see beauty.

Here’s to a better tomorrow. And it can’t help but be better.¬† Hell, that sounds like optimism.


Need and want or want and need?

24 12 2009

Confession: I have always had a bit of a thing for David Suzuki – his passion for the environment gives me butterflies. I heard him speak once in person, in high school, and he had me at ‘hello’.
Like full of ¬†faith teens asking “What would Jesus do?”, I would question, “What would Suzuki do?”….[update: clearly I am not the first to come up with this…]
Today I discovered this sweater and I can’t think of a more fitting tribute to my secret crush, my environmental hero:

Granted clothing is my new favourite store! Green owl is also cuter than cute.