who do I think I am?

2 05 2010

Long before the show Who Do You Think You Are? aired on tv, I began my journey to track different parts of my family tree. 


Distracted often, I truthfully, never got very far.  Sad to say, but this show, has renewed my interest in tracing my roots.  I was always interested in my father’s side of the family, and his father, in particular.  Recently however, I have been drawn to tracing my grandmother’s family (my dad’s mom).  I didn’t know her all that well; we didn’t see her all that often and when we did, we always shuffled off to play in the basement with our cousins.  

Only in recent years did I learn that she was French-Canadian, never having heard her speak french, I had no idea.  Her life fascinates me and I find that I have a growing need to understand the woman I, regrettably, never knew in life.  Like many from her generation, her path was not easy; her happiness did not come easy.

I have a few clues to start me on my journey.  Wish me luck. 

Most of my memories got left on the farm…yet I want to see where the story started.




One response

2 05 2010

Good luck with this journey! I’ve been tracing my family history for the past few years, and have been amazed at what I’ve found on both sides of the family. I started using ancestry.ca awhile back, and although at first it’s a bit cumbersome, it’s a great tool to help store information. I think this is why my first career was in archives – I loved solving historical mysteries! – and now I’ve parlayed that into my own personal quest. Have fun with it!

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