who do I think I am?

2 05 2010

Long before the show Who Do You Think You Are? aired on tv, I began my journey to track different parts of my family tree. 


Distracted often, I truthfully, never got very far.  Sad to say, but this show, has renewed my interest in tracing my roots.  I was always interested in my father’s side of the family, and his father, in particular.  Recently however, I have been drawn to tracing my grandmother’s family (my dad’s mom).  I didn’t know her all that well; we didn’t see her all that often and when we did, we always shuffled off to play in the basement with our cousins.  

Only in recent years did I learn that she was French-Canadian, never having heard her speak french, I had no idea.  Her life fascinates me and I find that I have a growing need to understand the woman I, regrettably, never knew in life.  Like many from her generation, her path was not easy; her happiness did not come easy.

I have a few clues to start me on my journey.  Wish me luck. 

Most of my memories got left on the farm…yet I want to see where the story started.