26 03 2010

An ugly post, that last one.  I had to write it though, for my peace of mind.

I felt like I needed to finally stand up for myself against the one person I was never able to confront.  I don’t normally shy away from confrontation because I believe in meeting difficult situations or people head on.  Tension?  Hate it.  I would rather call someone on their negative vibes than let it fester.  One condition: I need to care about the person or believe that the resolution will be positive.

The fact that I didn’t confront the person I wrote the last post to doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t care.  I didn’t know how to confront the person without having the discussion explode into something I could no longer control.  The only thing I could control was my tongue.

You might ask yourself why I am devoting two whole posts to this.  I realize that I should have cared more about myself and worried less about holding my tongue. Recognizing that is progress.  Some people can bring out the best parts of you and others the worst.  Over the years I have ended friendships or relationships if they ceased to be good for me or the other person.  At times it has taken longer that conceivably necessary to end those relationships but, in the end, they did end.  That’s progress too!

Last spring was difficult and a year later…what a year it has been.

I’ve mentioned this before but I rediscovered my fondness for being behind the lens.  

To new beginnings and to lessons learned.  And to happier posts.




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