An open letter…

22 03 2010

It has taken me over a year to write this.  Countless drafts set aside.  Here is what I would like to say:

Please stop asking about me.  Please leave my life alone.  If I wanted you to know about my life since we last spoke, I would reach out to you.  How I choose to live my life is none of your business and, truthfully,  it never was.  I don’t have to listen to your endless sarcastic commentary about my choices any more. 

I ask that you worry about your life and yours alone.  Don’t be so concerned about how many personal phone calls someone on your team makes, or about the clothing they choose to wear to the office.  They do their jobs and they do them well.  That’s it. 

I am sorry that you are so unhappy in your life;  it is up to you to make the decisions necessary to change it.  Find out what you love to do and pursue it.  I regret that I never stood up for myself when we worked together.   But I hope that when you read this that you hear me. 

I made a fresh start.  Time for you to make yours.  I hope you find your path.




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