Find your inner Jackson Pollack!

6 02 2010

Got a bit of a shock at the mall a few weeks ago. New collections are springing up, always a welcome and optimistic change from the wool and plaid we have been piling on since the fall.

What a surprise when I saw these khakis at one of my fave stores…what the…?
I think I gasped audibly…I spent most of last summer wearing an old pair of paints that, by the end, was patina-d (sic?) artfully with layers of “real” paint splatter…and here you could by a pair of wrinkled and splattered pants for the ridiculous price of $69.50!!!

I can’t wait to see if this ‘trend’ catches on…




2 responses

6 02 2010

I suppose if people want to spend their hard-earned money on clothing like this, that’s their prerogative; but personally I wouldn’t wear these in public, and can make a pair that looks just like them without spending a cent! These give new meaning to the word “casual.” No thanks!

19 02 2010

Wow, I have a pair like this that I just created (by actually painting and splattering all over myself) … who knew that they were worth $70?

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