“It was twenty years ago today…”

24 01 2010

Well, not quite, but 20 years ago, I spent a glorious summer north of Wawa, with 23 other girls, working in a provincial park.  As it happens, social networking has helped a number of us reconnect, after losing touch for the better part of 2 decades.  A reunion is in the works; my first reunion of sorts…aside from a couple of onesies and twosies with old elementary and high school friends.

I’m excited and anxious all at the same time. We are hoping to meet up late this summer and my planning starts now.  Naturally, I want to look my best.  More importantly, I’d like to feel comfortable with myself, there’s nothing better than feeling great in clothes — I instantly feel more confident.  I guess I am just wanting to be myself – just a little bit better.

The summer we all met was spent in green work pants, steel-toed boots and hard hats.  To top it off, most days we smelled of sun, sweat, and bug repellant!  I’m a pretty casual girl; in my own skin in jeans and birkenstocks and boho tops.

Some ideas:

Cute, sailor-ish, perfect with jeans…

Yellow is my new green…perfectly cheerful!

Still a hippie at heart…




One response

25 01 2010

Those are so cute! I especially like the yellow and brown ones. I’m definitely a boho girl at heart. Have fun!

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