20 01 2010

One weekend, during first year university, when almost everyone had gone home, I was initiated into the world of westerns by a couple of my residence dons.  We rented almost every Clint Eastwood movie and watched them back-to-back for hours.  My love affair with The Man with No Name began.

I wanted to be Sydney Penny so badly in Pale Rider and I understood her crush on “Preacher” at its most basic level.

The Outlaw Josey Wales is still in my top ten picks of ALL  TIME. It’s ok that I was barely out of diapers when the film came out.   As an aside, Fargo is there too, for completely different reasons (to be the topic of a future post).

You may be thinking…”okay, she likes David Suzuki, and now, Clint Eastwood, both old enough to be her grandfather…what’s up with that?”  I cannot help it.

I recently watched Gran Torino and had to watch it in two parts. Stupidly, I read a review and once I realized Walt’s fate, I couldn’t watch it in one sitting.  I did watch the ending the following day and bawled my eyes out.  Y’all might think I’m crazy but I was genuinely saddened at the thought that this might be Clint’s last role, on-screen. If you haven’t seen it, WATCH it. 

Lucky, lucky Sondra Locke….

Those sideburns and jawline….damn.




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