Thank goodness they didn’t kill Walter….

18 12 2009

We have been toying with the idea of having a bunny join our family.  One of these. Philip wants to name him Stew. Maybe in the new year we will bring home something fluffy to love.

I had a scare last week; thought I had re-broken my elbow after taking a nasty spill on an icy sidewalk.  I was flat-out on my back, landing squarely on my right elbow.  Within minutes, a lump, directly over the pin scar, bloomed…I couldn’t help but hyperventilate…then make panicked phone calls for help.    The last time this happened I spent a week in traction and  after 2 surgeries I was on the mend. Amazingly it wasn’t broken. Even more amazing? The good doctors at North York General whisked me through in under 2 hours!

Having been knitting up a storm lately…will have lots of photos soon.

I have been dreaming about buying a farm..or a piece of land.  If I can make this happen someday, I definitely want one of these:




One response

23 12 2009

Ohhhhh! I had a bunny in university and I loved him dearly. He was “George”. Such an amazing pet! Do it! Do it!

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