Eye-candy Monday…

15 09 2009

Ok.  I have been neglectful.  Of this here blog.  But I have a couple of good reasons. At least I think I do.

1.  The weather has kept me outside and away from my laptop.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer.  I have spent countless hours working outside, skinning my knuckles, browning my shoulders, forgetting about air-conditioned offices.  But I am back now.  And truly loving EVERY second.  I didn’t think it was possible to want something so badly.  Needing something so badly.  All and just for me.

2.  Experimenting with my camera.  Trying techniques I never thought I would be interested in, shooting subjects I never thought I would be interested in.  I can barely believe that it has only been a mere twelve weeks since I started shooting with a dslr.  Rediscovering my love for a craft that I can spend a lifetime perfecting. 

I spent Saturday afternoon at BMO field, shooting the TFC warm-up and first half of the game.  Fun.  Challenging.  A bit of eye candy to start the week.





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