Blogging by Blackberry and Dancing Dust Motes

1 09 2009

With a new commute underway I thought that I would try something new. Writing a blog entry on-the-go and uploading it from my mobile. It’s a brilliant idea for me…there are times when I sit in front of my laptop, thinking I should have been writing my blog ideas down when they came to me, instead of hours or days later.
Now I can quickly type part of an entry when the mood strikes and upload and edit, if necessary, when I have more time.
Last night I watched another episode of Hung, the fairly new show on HBO, about a guy, down-and-out on his luck, who happens to be…ummm, well, hung.
Those who know me, know I love all things HBO and this show is no exception; although it took me a couple of episodes to get hooked. These days, I can’t wait to see what happens next to a couple of seemingly mismatched characters. In fact, they aren’t all that mismatched, perhaps, just a little misguided…

Thomas Jane as Ray Drecker and Jane Adams as Tanya are perfect in the ‘reverse’ pimp and prostitute roles. I especially love the character of Tanya; poet/baker/pimp. Her marketing tactics to get Happiness Consultants up and running remind me of some hair-brained ideas I have brainstormed over the years. happy(None to do with prostitution, might I add…)

The ideas sound so good on paper. I adore her tenacity and commitment to being the best pimp that she can be. I love that she finds her writing groove after lying in her bedroom, lazily watching dust motes dance in the sunlight.  She’s the perfect compliment to aging jock Ray, who also finds his groove again, albeit in a different way.
Fun show. Check it out on Sundays nights after True Blood (another fave HBO offering).




3 responses

3 09 2009

I watch that show too! And my favourite character is Tanya as well; I doubt I would watch it otherwise. Ray is such a big doofus, but has a wicked body. What was Patricia Arquette thinking when she divorced him?

Try downloading Nurse Jackie too. AMAZING show.

4 09 2009

I LOVE Nurse Jackie!!! I love Zooey…and Fach, I mean Coop, is annoyingly good.
What did you think of the final episode?

9 09 2009

Final episode is good – although it’s just a matter of time before she gets caught. Zooey is the best. Quirky, zany and funny. LOVE HER.

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