I like this.

17 08 2009

There has been a lot of complaining this summer about the weather.  Not from me, mind you, but it seems like, from everyone else.  Really, people?  There have been no tornadoes, no freak snow storms, no typhoons.  A little unsettled weather is all.  But enough to have quite a few knickers in knots. 

So, in honour of not complaining, I decided to capture some of my favourite weather moments. 



Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know.  I think there is such beauty in clouds.  Deep, dark ones too.  Grey, stormy ones.  Fluffy, white ones.  Driving around, I often point out the beautiful (to me) shades of grey to my husband, who always shrugs and says he doesn’t see it.  That’s ok. I see it and I love it.




One response

28 08 2009

Bite your tongue! 3 days after this post, we had the tornado.

But yes, I hate the constant complaints about the weather as well. There are worse things that life can deal you.

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