Mid-afternoon break…

14 08 2009

DSC01960The 2010 ikea catalogue arrived today!! Skimming the book with a cup of tea and a snack pack of vanilla Oreo Cakesters sounds like the perfect afternoon break to me. 🙂

I may not do all my shopping at ikea but I do love to browse the catalogue and let myself be inspired. 

I fell in LOVE with these chairs quite a while ago and theikea1y will be mine soon.  I have a beautiful, rustic trestle table that contrasts so amazingly well with these that I can barely wait. 

I’m sure I’ll find some new treasures in this latest catalogue.  Hubby and I visited filter on Jarvis yesterday and fell in love with so many pieces.  20080612_filter-sm

We’ll have to make a trip to their other store – Queen West Antiques – and soon!

Making progress on my new sweater…even in this sticky summer weather.  Cast on late-July and, even with a knitting breather, it will be all ready for a cool and crisp November.  Green has long been my favourite colour.   This spring, however, I welcomed two new favourites into my life.  Meet Mr. Grey and Ms. Yellow.  And they make beautiful babies …grellow.


 When I chose the pattern 28thirty by Zephyr Style, I debated my colour options.  Why not yellow?  It’ll look great with dark denim and a white wife-beater and you can’t get comfier than that.

I’ll post finished pics once the sleeves are done and the buttons are sewn on. 

Happy knitting!




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