Spotted on the 401

24 07 2009

Found myself driving behind this car the other day.IMG00062-20090720-1713 And, of course, I just had to get a closer look. I appreciate interesting cars.  Not riced up versions of Honda Civics, but cool cars that are not currently common.

 Like Claire’s acid green hearse from Six Feet Under. hearse

Or the car that this dude was driving.  Cars like these make me smile.  I also have a thing for vehicles with faux wood veneer.  Like the Jeep Wagoneer or the station wagons from the 1970’s.  If I could restore one of these babies and outfit with an energy efficient engine I would. 

See how cool it is:  IMG00064-20090720-1713




One response

31 07 2009

I wrote a blog entry about that Jeep Wagoneer (common things that happen in movies). I love them too, but in movies they seem to be driven by yuppy-types.

And I still think 6 Feet Under is the best show that has ever been on tv.

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