A simple choice…

16 07 2009

IMG00052-20090713-0843At my local supermarket on Monday morning, I came across the following display. On the left, Ontario strawberries in a quart basket. On the right, US berries in a container, almost double the size.  The pricing, for some, would determine the sale instantly. Not for me.

I have, for the last few years, made the decision to buy local, as MUCH as possible.  This means that I buy local Ontario or Canadian produce first, then US produce second.  I refuse, absolutely REFUSE, to purchase produce from outside North America.  On occasion (when I cannot prevent it) I have bought bananas and avocados from Central America. 

Truly though, I don’t eat these fruits anymore, save for a handful of times.

It may seem extreme but I feel very strongly about supporting our local growers as much as I can.  It broke my heart to see this display.  IMG00054-20090713-0843

I learn to eat veggies and fruits based on the growing cycle.  I only enjoy fresh asparagus for the short window in May and June that it is available here.  I can’t buy asparagus from Mexico.  I can’t buy apples from China.  My grandfather, for God’s sakes, grew acres of apples and pears for years.  My earliest memories include walking through the orchard, picking a tart Mac off the tree, polishing it on my shirt, and biting into it as juice fell on my chin. I saw the farm die a few years ago and part of me has not recovered (as melodramatic as it may sound). 

Green onions in February? No thanks.  Trust me, they taste that much sweeter when you only taste them in season.




2 responses

16 07 2009

Wow, I would never have made that connection…but now you have made me more aware of it. I will make sure to find out where everything is grown, thanks to you!

15 08 2009

I buy local as often as I can. The Nova Scotia “Valley” (Annapolis Valley) has the most abundant fruits and veggies, including uniquely Canadian items like fiddleheads. As you say, many people will choose the cheaper option, even though the product probably took three times as long to reach the store. Fortunately, we have several wonderful farmers’ markets nearby to make up for the shortfall of local produce in the grocery stores, so there’s no excuse not to buy local: it’s better quality, better value, better for you, and supports the local economy too!

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