Le Scaphandre et Le Papillion

1 07 2009

On my first viewing, I was deeply affected by the story of Jean-Do Bauby, the French-Elle editor, who, in 1995 had a massive stroke and was stuck in “locked-in” syndrome. I watched it for a second time after learning that the movie was filmed using Lensbaby’s optic system.  Amazing, amazing effect.  Because the film is primarily shot from Jean-Dominque’s perspective (after the stroke), the focus capabilities of the Lensbaby are perfect for mimicking the traumatic effects of the stroke, awakening from a coma and the visual impairment of a single eye (after doctors had to sew up his other eye to prevent sepsis).


A beautiful film all around.  I loved watching it through new eyes.

Gotta  get me The Composer….as soon as possible.




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