If you build it….

29 06 2009

So I found something that combines two of my favourite things: LEGO and Frank Lloyd Wright.

fallingwaterThis one hasn’t yet been released by LEGO…but when it is I must build it.  How cool is that? A miniature Fallingwater.

I need to take a break from knitting and this would be the perfect replacement.   The past couple of weeks I have busted out the sock yarn for multiple shawlette patterns and my fingers are cramped in protest.  I have made this once and am working on a second one as a gift.  Then I started this — but I keep having to rip it out and start again.  My lack of focus or just the way the pattern is written but I am frustrated at starting and stopping this one a number of times.  I think it’s beautiful and would love to have it done in time for fall….

Also on the needles: these are moving along fairly nicely and I will likely make a second pair.  Summer is definitely shaping up to be crafty…




One response

9 07 2009

I’m enjoying your blog- keep on writing!

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