The simple things.

28 06 2009

In exactly 18 days I will be sitting in a darkened theatre, by myself, (and dozens of other children), waiting for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to begin. I am bursting with anticipation.

My love affair with Harry has been going on for quite some time now. I still remember the day. I had been watching an episode of Marketplace or Venture — the segment was centered around a very interesting marketing campaign — children’s books being marketed as a children’s book BUT also as an ADULT offering with a more adult-like cover. I was intrigued.  Later that day found myself at Indigo buying the first book. The next day I bought books 2 and 3. Read them.  Promptly reread them. Twice. I then sat in for a year long wait before the Goblet of Fire was released. Immediately smitten with this magical world of magic. How could I not be?




I have always loved magic. Always will.  That is why I moonlighted as a mage in 2004.   

I’m a simple girl.  Really.  I just need magic.  That’s all.




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