What I need to learn:

27 06 2009

DSC00079DSC000922009 has proven to be the year of learning for me. And in many ways that I did not expect. After many years (last count was first year of university) I rediscovered my love for photography. I found myself with time….what a luxury and it truly began innocently enough. Taking my p&s out on walks or on a bike ride. Capturing moments of spring in its infancy — when winter was finally hibernating and spring was learning to walk.

I finally experimented with altering the images after the fact and a whole new world was opened up to me. > Disclosure — my dad has been encouraging me to take this step for months…but I kept procrastinating — one of my very best traits 😉

And then I went, with my pops, to the Mountsberg Conservation Area one early morning at the end of May for a Sony dslr event. It was that day that I became re-obsessed. Photographing the most beautiful birds of prey and using some pretty awesome equipment. I had to have a dslr…as soon as possible. I had to see if I could get really good at this.  It was nerve-wracking – I was trying to capture images that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to get — I mean I was within 6 or 10 feet of some of these birds…

At one point I actually thought the entire morning was a wash when I thought that my diopter setting might have been off (all my images would have been blurry…and my heart stopped).  But somehow, I managed to get some shots that I am really proud of.  

And so it began….my learning process.  Re-learning all that I had forgotten – about f-stops, iso, shutter speeds…and I am LOVING it…

One of the best pieces of advice I heard on a photography podcast was to shoot as much as you can to improve your skills.  So, that is what I am doing.  I have focused on flowers and wildlife up until now because, to me, these are easier subjects than people.  To capture that perfect moment on a person’s face is a real skill — one I haven’t developed yet.  But one of the things I want to learn.




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